Sunday, 19 July 2009

Awake In Seattle

Oh what a cunning play on words. Not. (That was a Not joke). Must be almost time we left Seattle.

But before that, our story of today.

As I told you yesterday, we're staying at Evil Freak RV Park (sorry, Eagle Creek). We made an early get away this morning, and drove the RV ten miles down the road to Bainbridge Island, where there is a ferry to Seattle. We left the RV in a car park (hoping we'd be able to get it out again), and went as foot passengers across the Puget Sound.

(By the way, we took lots of pictures today (mainly Lewis); I'll use some here, but then post another blog just with the pictures because some of them are just so good).

Here are a few pictures of the ferry and the approach to Seattle. This has really got to be the best way to be introduced to the city. Amazing.

And closer... ... and closer

Ahh. Here we are. Seattle:

We happened to arrive on the day that the Seattle Sounders (?) , Bounders ?, Suckers? (can't remember, but anyway the local football team (soccer !)) were playing Chelsea FC in a friendly. Was kind of tempted to get tickets... ! But then came to my senses. Pay? To see Chelsea?

Anyhow, met some ex-pats who were on their way to the game, and the streets were heaving with the green shirts of the local supporters (Seattle Psychos?), although I have to say the American take on the great game is a bit different. For a start, families go (can you imagine?). We only saw a few cars upside down burning, and there was very few running battles with riot police. Quite a nice surprise.

So, we did the offbeat tourist thing; just wandering around, finding interesting places by chance. A very nice city, with the financial district with all the skyscrapers built on the hill, and steep streets leading down to the waterfront. Did you know that the centre of the city used to smell so bad that they eventually decided to bury half of it and build a whole storey higher? I can only say that they probably succeeded with their primary aim. It didn't smell too bad at all.

We had a really good lunch at the bar/cafe where Frasier was filmed. (Craig's Cafe?). It was recommended by the proprieter of the 'Interesting Shop' that Sarah discovered. We bought some great stuff there, including an Indian/(as in Red)/Indian (as in Asia)/Indonesian (as in another part of Asia) (we don't know in the end what he told us ;) ) bedspread, and a Washington Redskin's baseball cap from the 1980s with little red LCDs that light up the Red Indian mascot on the front. So cool :)

Here are some photos from our experience of downtown Seattle.

And more on the next post.

We took the ferry back mid-afternoon, and headed out in the RV to a quiet spot on Bainbridge Island to enjoy the peace before heading back to Evil Freak Park.

Just had dinner; a HUGE chunk of sirloin steak with jalapeno peppers and Portobello mushrooms plus salad. Emmm.

We also managed to book ourselves in for the next two nights as well (by the way; I used my phone which seems to work ok). We have booked at La Push, a site on an Indian Reservation on the western side of the Olympic Park. Apparently they are having some kind of celebration at the moment, with traditional dancing, feasting, pipe smoking and scalping.

Our plot should be an Ocean View too... looking out over the 'real' Pacific. By the way, for those vampire fans, La Push and the area (especially Forks) is the setting for the Twilight series. Should make life interesting.

Thanks to all for the mails and posts. Really enjoying them. I especially have to repeat some of one from Michele because it made me laugh:

But a short lexicon...

hooptie - (crap) motor car
trunk - boot
hood - bonnet
hood - (also) one's home area
homie - friend from one's 'hood'
candy - sweeties
candy ass - gay person
buns - buttocks
fag - gay person
pissed - cross
Whiskey Tango - Chav
White - right
Trash - rubbish


Til next time.