Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Day 0.5

Only half a day because we're not actually there yet (yes, I know, I'm being anal again). But we are in the UK, at Sarah's parents. Was quite an eventful trip; Rosie decided to have a moment on the Eurotunnel Shuttle. With a huge queue of cars behind us on the train, she refused to start !

Bummer. The rest of the team had to push whilst I steered (someone's gotta do it), until they parked us out of the way. Summoning up all my technical skills and experience, I popped the bonnet and sprayed half a can of WD40 around the electrics (the car was turning over, but not firing)... and lo and behold.....

It made no difference whatsoever.

Within a few minutes though they had a recovery vehicle there to help us (well, get us out of the way). They towed us off the terminal area via the exit ramp (oh the ignominy, the shame, the treachoury). Sarah made the mistake of asking one of the guys in the recovery vehicle what he thought the problem was.

"Why won't it start?" She asked.

He just looked at her. That sort of look that says, ' am I talking to a real human?'
"Emm. Becuase it's a Land-Rover?"

Much laughter all round.

Anyway, when we got to the top of the ramp, I dropped it into second and bumped it, and after a bit of coughing and sneezing Rosie roared back into life (well, spluttered along).

So that was our first adventure (pictures to come... not my PC (and a bloody stupid Windows machine to boot) so can't upload anything yet.

The rest of the journey was surprisingly uneventful. The car was running very hot, despite the overflow coolant being topped up - so I just added directly to the radiator and it seemd to take care of it for now. Arrived in Befordshire just before 4pm local; and I left the car at a local garage straight away! I'll worry about that in 7 weeks ;)

Otherwise, very happy to be here. Always great to catch up with Irene and David. Tomorrow is a matter of organising the taxi to Heathrow, plus (re)persuading Sarah that actually balancing three bags on top of each other and using the one handle does not constitute only having one bag.

Wish me luck; or Sarah patience (see the reaction buttons below). Cheers!