Saturday, 8 August 2009

August 6th and 7th: Santa Fe

Arrived Santa Fe tired after a very long day! And a very boring drive quite frankly. Grubby little towns, and uninteresting landscape for the most part on the route across.

The first campground that we had looked up and found looked pretty horrible too (in Santa Fe itself though), so we decided to move 10 miles out to the SantaFe Skies RV Park. Lovely place, great people who run it, and it very quickly lived up to its name on an atypically rainy, balmy evening:

We went into town today to see the Old Town of Sante Fe. Very charming, quaint place. Really like it here. We also went to the Georgia O'Keefe Museum, which was fascinating....

and we're probably staying here for two more days at least. On Sunday, we're going rafting/kayaking on the Rio Grande (heehee), and Monday Sarah's got an art course, and I'm going to try and buy a cowboy hat and boots. Yeehahhhhhhh.