Tuesday, 21 June 2011

No Airco means no Blow

So, a quick end to the last missive as I was busy trying to negotiate with the RV rental company to get the roof a/c to work again! After some intervention from Shalini in the UK, we were directed to a place 90 miles away where Camping World had another shop. A bit boring for 3 hours waiting for them to fix it, but then they corrected a few other things at the same time. Finally, we got away again, and, since we had been forced to change direction, decided to satisfy Lewis's desires, and head for Santa Clarita and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

We were up early the next morning, and headed over to the Park (minus Sarah and Beth) where we went all out and bought Platinum Fast Pass tickets! I am never going to a Park again without them; yes, at first sight expensive, but we got on 17 rides in a day! Compared to the normal queue wait of 1.5 hours each. The longest we waited was 15 minutes. Awesome. And you get to stay on for a second ride if you want. Man, does that annoy the people that have waited all that time for their turn. Almost makes the price of the Pass worth it in itself!!!
For the record, Tatsu, Superman and the new X2 are 'awesome'.

On the way out Lewis decided to waste some money on a stall where you have to get the baseball into a carefully-deliberately-oh Im soo sorry its too small-milk churn. And guess what? He won. And he chose a Cartman-effigy-toy thing. Cartman will probably feature a few times in the future episodes....

We decided to try to get back into some sort of a route plan, circling around through Northern California then out to Utah and back. Initially, we headed for Lone Pine, underneath the tallest mountain (nearly 15000 feet)in the contiguous states. On the way we stopped in Mojave for some food at a little cafe. We parked out back, and when we came back from our grits n beans we made some piccies...

All very amusing you might think. So off we jolly old went... arriving in Lone Pine, underneath Mount Whitney at about 5pm. We had a look first at a ' posh RV resort', and when I got out and walked around the back of the RV......

......I discovered that the rubber ends of the hollow bumper were missing. This is the usual storage space for the sewer pipe (an extendable pipe attaching from RV hose to sewer at location). Otherwise known as the poop pipe. Now, particularly interesting is the fact that at the Camping World place I mentioned to them that the pipe had pinprick holes in it, which helpfully sprayed manure around like living in Moorveld. Being determined to make a good impression, they exchanged it for a new one. But where was it??

It is remotely possible that one rubber seal could have fallen out, allowing the poop pipe to fall out on our journey. But the odds that BOTH spontaneously fell off? Allowing the poop pipe to slither away behind us, seems highly improbable. My only conclusion? When we stopped at the redneck cafe, somebody pulled the ends off and stole the new pipe! But why? Why did someone steal my poop pipe? I mean, how desperate, how deep is the recession when you are reduced to skulking around remote desert towns on slightly bizarre and certainly unhealthy missions to steal poop pipes??? Whoever you are, I hope you enjoy it.

We spent the night at the location below, where we didnt need a poop pipe.... :)