Saturday, 25 May 2013

Fort Richardson Day

23rd May. After a few aborted departures (non-functioning GPS, no bedding etc), finally we left Denton Camping World for.... err, we still had no clue!

Camping World

Looking at the weather, storm-chasing in Oklahoma had its appeal, but we guessed that choice would not be the most popular one back home!

South and then East - the original plan - was no longer too popular here either. So we came to a clear decision; we would not decide yet! We needed to 'shake the RV down', and we both needed a refresher course on RV driving (imagine trying to steer a 3m wide canal barge through a 6m wide lock at thirty knots with another barge coming opposite, while there is a cross-wind and some numpty in an inflatable trying to paddle in front of you...  okay so forget metaphors and analogies; it's enough to say these things are not easy to drive, because they wallow and waggle like a tied hog on heat (sorry)).

We headed West... and a bit North, across the Texas plains, first of all up to Bowie.

David's Ground Control

Then back left (no, the other left Sarah), towards Big Bend. By this time we were starting to get used to the RV once again, but were still absolutely exhausted and messed up by the time change! We made a wise decision to make an early stop. We turned into Lost Creep State Park, just outside Jacksboro. As we were about to turn down a narrow track towards Lost Creek Lake, we were overtaken by a speeding golf-cart. Hence we met Paul, a lovely guy, who was the Park warden (or whatever they're called). He warned us that the track was too narrow for an RV, and the campsite by the creek was for tents only. Sarah told him such things held no fear for us, especially if there was a pretty stream, but in the end we followed his advice and headed a few miles down the road to Fort Richardson State Park, home of the 'Prickly Pear Trail'.  

We really were tired (especially me!) and we had no internet, so after consuming half the supplies of the Walmart frozen ready meals (can you believe they're not ready at all; you have to heat them up?), we went to sleep at about 9pm local (4am back home). This is gonna take a few days to deal with...

 By the way, working on making a Google Map trail. Not sure that I can be bothered :) , but I will post the link if we do!
[Edit: here it is... UFO Map trail ]

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Beth Hickson said...

Auwh you guys trying to do crazy things already. Love the background picture btw and do definitely do a google trail, It's really handy and you'll be able to pinpoint exactly where you went and how far you drove etc :) xx