Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sky Fires

27th pm - 29th am

We loved the Valley of Fires. Though I am not sure whether it is named after the old lava flow, or for the skies and sunsets. What a gorgeous place, thanks Annie!

Fire in the Sky

We parked on top of the hill, with amazing views, took photos, and went hunting snakes, bats, golden eagles and tarantulas (seriously - these spiders live in the lava field, and are apparently quite shy; we couldn't find any!)

Here's a selection of our photos:
Unfortunately, our water heater failed, so after a couple of days here, we headed back to civilisation (Alamagordo, NM), to seek repairs!!

1 comment:

Beth Hickson said...

Tom says: in the valley of fire, why can't you heat it up with the lava...

And he's supposed to be the smart one...