Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Last Few Days

Dear all

We've had a few domestic issues (!) to take care of since our return, so apologies for not completing the story properly. Although, as for Bilbo's wanderings in the Lord of the Rings, there's never truly an End.

Nevertheless, we can now fill out a few blanks along the way; notably our last few days around Orlando - actually Cape Carnaveral.

After being hugely lucky enough to witness the launch of a rocket on the day we arrived, it would have been impolite to leave CC without visiting the Kennedy Space Centre Center (I just manage to overcome the tendency to correct the spelling to centre; but it's your Kennedy, so I suppose I must leave it Center!)

Who would have thought, 50 years ago, that the success of Kennedy's proposed space race would have been so effectively, and so ironically, built upon the defeat of the Nazis and the export of the German scientists from the heart of the V1 and V2 rocket programmes? I can't help finding it a fitting finale and summary of the American dream - i.e. a vision built out of the age-old paralysis and conflict of Europe.

Of course, beyond the space programme to the Moon, came the brilliance of the collaboration that is the International Space Station (ISS), which would have been difficult to achieve, if not impossible, without the genius of the Space Shuttle program. This was the highlight for me; Atlantis slung from the roof of the building. Visit this - then go home and watch Gravity

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