Thursday, 18 December 2014

San Fran (Guest blog)


Hi there, friends!

A bit of a surprise today - Robin was such a miserable bastard yesterday that he was 'given some time' to think things over,  and so they asked me to give this blogging stuff a bash instead. So here we are. Let me tell you about myself...


...  All right. Yes. I get it. Boring. I know. Let me just show you around instead. Robin can fill you in on the story when he's allowed back. I'll start with one I took of Alcatraz with my Gull-pro ass-cam:

Alcatraz - bird's ass view

SFO skyline

Fisherman's Wharf busker

Well, hopefully I'll be invited to blog more soon. I've got a bag of chips to tackle right now though. If I don't fight for it, I'll just get what's left after everyone's shat in it.
Until next time.



Beth Storm Hickson said...

Haha you failed to focus on Bill. Also that's how far you've sunk? Your making local birdlife blog...Love it. Do more.

Robin Hickson said...

' Wasn't me ! :)