Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Boondocking special :)

A quick update just in case some folks are worried - and only quick and short because internet sporadic and slow!

We have spent a few days boondocking and running away from fires in Colorado and then storms in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Managed to intercept a huge storm last night! It kept us awake with lightning flashes at a rate of more than 2/sec for 2 hours straight. Incredible, but a bit disconcerting. We tried to run away South through Texas today; but then had a blow-out. Spent 3 hours by the side of the road; but met more amazing people. More on that later. For now; we are a bit tired, in the middle of nowhere, and hope to be in Austin tomorrow to get replacement tyres. But we are happy enough and safe :)

More from Austin, Texas to come...


Laura Hickson said...

Be careful guys!!! BUT sounds incredibly exciting! Love you both!

Newcastle said...

WOW! Sounds all rather scary but as Laura says exciting. Glad you are ok. Hope you got tyres sorted. Love you bothxx