Saturday, 1 June 2013

Valley of Fire

Following the suggestions, we made sure that we stayed on the 'scenic byway', and headed into Billy the Kid country - and the historic town of Lincoln, and the home of the Lincoln County Wars.

An interesting story...
Lincoln County Wars

Lincoln is set up a valley, amongst the peaks - rising to 12,000 feet. A pretty place, although it has to be said the town only holds so much interest! The 1870s ? Hmm. I have pairs of underpants older than that.

However, we did find the best coffee shop so far - and a very friendly and fascinating proprietor; Annie 'Sure Shot':

Annie 'Get your Gun' Sureshot

Most importantly, Annie told us that we needed to make our way to the Valley of Fire; a campground amidst an old lava flow! Sounded interesting... we left Lincoln, and were soon back on the open road....  ...arriving finally at the Valley of Fire!

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Beth Hickson said...

Beautiful open American roads! I'd give a squirrels testicule (or whatever you so eloquently said dad) to see that again.